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Temple Emanu-El welcomes interfaith families who are looking for a Jewish home. We have special outreach events during the year, including the immensely popular Interfaith Family Chanukah Party. Both Jewish and non-Jewish spouses feel part of the congregation and fit right in. The community is warm, and open, and just right for you.

Our Social Action Committee also sponsors a number of programs each year in partnership with area churches and the local Islamic Center. We celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday with the Westcoast Church, and we have an annual luncheon with St. Martha Catholic Church addressing issues of social action. Everyone looks forward each year to the Feast of Abraham Dinner, attended by the members of St. Martha Church, the Islamic Center, and Temple Emanu-El.

Helpful Interfaith Resources

Intermarried? Reform Judaism Welcomes You

Yours, mine, ours: Every couple begins with two individuals from different backgrounds. Interfaith couples and their families also face the special challenges posed by different religious traditions and sometimes cultures. This pamphlet answers some basic questions and suggests some additional resources.

Glossary of Words and Terms for Jewish Living
Judaism is more than just a religion: it's a culture, a language, a way of life. And, integrated fully into these Jewish traditions are unique words and sayings. Though words may have different roots or origins (Hebrew, Yiddish, German), their meanings are universal throughout the Jewish community. This glossary introduces some of the more common sayings appropriate for lifestyle and holiday events.

Becoming a Jew
A pamphlet that answers basic questions about conversion in an easily accessible question and answer format.

Recommended Reading for Interfaith Families

Dealing with interfaith issues can be difficult at times. And, finding relevant information and resources to help you through the matter can also be a challenge. The following list of resources may help you to begin the journey for answers.