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The Temple Emanu-El Endowment Fund was established principally to provide for the long-term physical growth and enhancement of our Temple and grounds, thus ensuring our ability to accommodate the growth of our congregation while remaining a vibrant center of faith.

 Endowment funds like ours are effectively savings accounts for the Temple.  The earnings from our permanent endowment fund can be used to support our daily operations, provide special programs and services, or serve as emergency funds.  Because our endowment is permanent, it will ensure that future generations will have access to the same quality programs and services that we provide today at Temple Emanu-El.  Your support will help us to ensure that we will be able to meet the needs of our congregation for many years to come.

 There are several ways to support the Temple through the Endowment Fund.  These include Planned Giving.  Planned Giving can be arranged through your Will, your retirement account, through real property or other assets you may have accumulated over time.  Insurance policies, bequests, and annuities are other forms of Planned Giving.


Co-Chairperson, Mark Sharff

You may contact the Temple office to request a detailed brochure about our Endowment/Planned Giving Fund.  Call (941) 371-2788.



Do you see your friends on this list, we hope that you do.    Look how the list has changed.

Mary & Dr. Hal Alterman Ellen & Herb Lenk
Barbara & Martin(D) Arch Louise & Stan Levinson
 Wendy & Larry Barnet Donald M. Malawsky
 Fae Beloff Susan & Randy Mallitz
 William & Nancy Behrenfeld Ken Marsh
Suzy & Barry Benjamin Jari & Harry (D) Meier
Barbara & Donald Bernstein Barbara & Philip Meltzer
Karen & Thomas Bernstein Diane Milrod
Louise & Norbert(D) Bick Helene Myers
Barbara Brizdle Barbara & Laurance Newman
Diane Browne-Sterdt Betty Perlmutter
Sybil & Irwin Broh Stan Pinkus(D)
Judy Cahn Douglas Popp
Jerry Camens Karla & Dennis Reens
Eunice Cohen(D) Michael Richker
Wendy & Jeff Cohen Harold Rosenberg (D)
Alice Cotman Marjorie Rosenthal
Shirley Cutler(D) Doris & Irving Ross
Helene Davis Lynn & Jay Sacks
Phyllis Dreyfuss Dr. Harvey Schwaid
Meredith & Al Ernst Maggie & Mark Sharff
David Feuerstein Rona Shays (D)
Janice & Jay Forgotson Cindy & Alan Silverglat
Lynn & Michael Friedman Ruth Simons (D)
Barbara & Barry Gerber Susan Benson Steenbarger
Judith & Bruce Gibbs Deborah Stengel
Jacqueline Gilden Bernice G. Stern
Elaine & Brenner Glickman Judilee & Harold (D) Sterne
Renee & Bertram Gold Sylvan Tanner
Esther Goldberg Diane Chechik-Temple
Sandra & Howard Goldberg Arthur Timmons
Dr. Dori Goldfarb & Jeff Maggard        Janet & Bruce Udell  
Fred Gosman Neal Vorchheimer
Carol B. & Jules Green Eleanor Wachs
Sylvia Gross Gloria & Bill Weed
Toby Halpern Linda H. Weiss
Paula Hayden Joan & Peter Wells
Linda F. Joffe Louise & Judson Werbelow
Howard Kilman Joan & Jerrold Wexler
Tanice Knopp Wendy Wicks
Harriette & Michael Krasnoff Michele & Frank Wieckowski
Jane & Leonard (D) Kritzer Alan Zuckerman
Lowell S. Lakritz  
   D=Of Blessed Memory